The federal government, state and local governments, and tribal nations all employ geoscientists to conduct scientific research, work in policy and education, and engage with communities and other government organizations. The profiles, interviews, and articles linked below will give you idea of the breadth of opportunities in the government sector. 

People of Interior #WorkWithUs

A collection of videos featuring geoscientists working for bureaus within the US Department of the Interior (USGS, NPS, BLM).

EPA Researchers at Work

Meet researchers at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) working on management of water, waste, ecosystems, health, and more. 

NASA Science People

Learn about National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) scientists studying the Earth and sharing science with the public.

Faces of the Forest Service

From soil scientist to legislative affairs specialist to avalanche forecaster, many Forest Service positions require transferable geoscience skills. Learn more about working for the Forest Service with these employee profiles.

Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources

The Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources is just one example of a tribal government organization employing geoscientists. Learn about the work of Dr. Crystal Tulley-Cordova, Principal Hydrologist. 

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

CRITFC is an example of a tribal agency working to restore natural resources and ecosystems with traditional ecological knowledge and modern science. Read about the work of Aja DeCoteau, CRITFC Watershed Department Manager.

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

The NGA provides geospatial intelligence in support of national security objectives. Visit the agency website to view NGA career profiles, explore job opportunities, and  learn about the Student Employment Program.

United States
Geological Survey

The USGS has a wide range of employment opportunities for geoscientists, and a great website where you can explore these options. Learn about a day in life of a USGS scientist, the hiring process, job series, grade level, and requirements.

Interview with a City of Philadelphia GIS Analyst

Interview with a United States Geological Survey Geographer

Interview with a USFS Geologist

Interview with a USGS Geophysicist

Meet paleontology, geomorphology, and hydrologic technicians, plus a science communicator.

Paths Through Science 
Listen to an interview by AGU with a USGS Staff Scientist in the Natural Hazards Mission Area.

Oceanography Profile
Meet a Coastal Hazards Specialist working at NOAA (following previous jobs in industry and policy!).

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