The geoscience workforce has a place for you.

What can you do with your geoscience degree? The common perception of a geoscientist as a hammer-toting outdoorsperson is not always representative of what a geoscientist actually does. In fact, many geoscientists do not conduct field work or study rocks. The broad skills gained from a geoscience degree can be transferred to many other fields, such as law, medicine, finance or journalism. Your geoscience degree can support you in finding a job that fits your interests and career goals.

Find your fit

To meet the challenges of the future, we need a diverse geoscience workforce. Your individuality and life experiences make you uniquely equipped to have an impact in the geosciences.

Discover geoscientists like you. Read the stories of 500 Queer Scientists. Connect with 500 Women Scientists. Join a group of Unlikely Hikers. Hear the experiences of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists. Follow the stories of Black Geoscientists. Watch the IF/THEN: Women in Geoscience video series. 

Get advice from your peers. The profiles below highlight recent geoscience graduates who have found employment in a range of geoscience positions. See what's possible for you!

Unearth Your Future: How You Can Shape the Geoscience Profession for the Needs of the 21st
is a free, asynchronous online course geared towards undergraduate students that shares new perspectives on geoscience and geophysics careers, workforce information, and contains key strategies for conducting a successful job search. This module, 3-5 hours in length, is designed to supplement geoscience curriculum with geoscience careers information. Enroll for free today!

With so many career pathways and occupations available to you, it can be challenging to know where to start in your job search. Use this tool to explore geoscience jobs organized by sector. These resources will help you envision yourself in specific roles, find a match for your interests, and prepare to enter the workforce.

Remember, the geosciences are always evolving to address new environmental and societal challenges. Your career may take you to a job that doesn't even exist yet!

Approach the job search with a focus on your skills, motivation and interests. What aspects of the geosciences do you most enjoy? What impact would you like to have on society? In what environment do you picture yourself working? With a geoscience degree, your options are unlimited.

  • GROW is a collection of career resources for undergraduate and graduate students in the geosciences, intended to help students identify and pursue career paths beyond academia.
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