Non-profit organizations work for the benefit of society while using their profits to further their goals. While some non-profits are volunteer-based, many organizations hire full-time employees to fill a variety of roles in research, education, finance, fundraising, public relations, policy, and more. Job opportunities typically depend on the type and size of the non-profit, which could range from a large, international environmental organization to a small, local social justice organization. Scientific non-profits include professional associations, advocacy groups and think tanks, research institutes, and educational organizations like museums. With the multitude of jobs in the non-profit sector, you can leverage your geoscience skills in a variety of roles to benefit society.

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Read about careers in the non-profit sector

Jobs for geoscientists at non-profits can range from research to public relations. You will notice that many roles overlap with jobs in other sectors. Read the articles linked below to learn how working for a non-profit is different from working for a private company or government agency. 

Non-profit organizations: Scientists on a mission by Julie Gould, Nature
Is a Nonprofit Job Right for You? by Sriram V, Harvard Business Review
Top Myths About Working for Non-profit Organizations, Berkeley Career Center
Mastering Your Ph.D.: Exploring Nonprofit Organizations by Patricia Gosling, Science
Careers in Geoscience-for-Development by Joel C. Gill, EGU Blogs
Careers at Nonprofits and NGOs by Elisabeth Pain, Science

Gain insight from non-profit employees

Visit the Ask an Expert page to read Q&A format advice from geoscientists working in a variety of non-profit organizations. Contact these experts to learn more about their jobs and expand your network.

Hear from non-profit scientists featured in Like Science? STEM Jobs at Nonprofits are More Common Than You May Think, by Samantha Fredrickson, Part 1 and Part 2.

Explore employers

Non-profit organizations are numerous and focused on a variety of causes and fields. Explore example employers to learn about some types of non-profit organizations where geoscientists may be involved in scientific research, communication, education, policy, and more. 

Prepare to apply

Visit the Career Preparation page to learn how to find and apply for jobs at non-profit organizations.

Search for jobs

View a list of job boards where geoscience jobs are commonly posted, plus advice for successful job searching with keywords.
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